Harbor Police Log April 4, 2006

March 29
9:20 a.m. Port General Services pulled a vessel that had been intentionally sunk in the A-8 anchorage onto land to collect evidence. An investigation is ongoing in the incident.

10 a.m. Harbor Police stored a vessel that had been illegally anchored in the A-8 anchorage. The vessel was taking on water and had to be pulled from the Harbor immediately to prevent it from sinking.

3:59 p.m. Harbor Police contacted two persons in a boat off Shelter Island for fishing violations. During the contact it was discovered that one of the subjects was wanted in Florida for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. That subject was arrested and will be extradited to Florida for prosecution.

11:30 p.m. Harbor Police responded to the A-3 Anchorage where two females reported a drunken male was causing problems. Harbor Police arrived and found a partially naked male who was extremely intoxicated on board the females' boat. The male was arrested for being drunk in public and he was charged with sexual battery.

March 31
5:39 p.m. Harbor Police received a call to investigate a report of a stolen vessel being operated near Shelter Island. Harbor Police contacted the suspect vessel and found two subjects on board. While conducting an interview with the two persons on the boat, the owner arrived and informed HP that even though the two subjects had taken the vessel without permission, he did not wish to press charges. The two subjects were released.

April 2
9:40 a.m. HP stored a vessel that was found to be illegally anchored in the A-8 anchorage. The owner retrieved the vessel from SBBY on 04-05-06.

12:50 a.m. HP responded to the Coronado Cays regarding a possible oil spill on a sinking vessel. HP arrived and found an almost fully submerged boat. HP began pumping out water from the vessel and Vessel Assist arrived to help. The owner arrived and made arrangements for his vessel. Vessel Assist contained the spill and HP notified the Coast Guard.

11:57 p.m. HP responded to the area of 2600 N. Harbor Drive where a skateboarder found an elderly woman floating in the water. The skateboarder rescued the woman from the water before flagging down a passing HP officer. HP called paramedics. The female was treated for hypothermia on scene and then transported to the hospital for further treatment.

April 3
9:55 p.m. HP responded to the area of the National City Launch Ramp where a woman was stranded in a dinghy with no motor. She had become weak due to the high winds and choppy water and was unable to row herself to her boat. HP had the woman board their vessel and transported her to the vessel in the A-8 anchorage.

April 4
12:30 p.m. HP found a vessel adrift in the channel just outside the A-8 anchorage. The vessel did not have an anchor attached and was stored at SBBY for being a hazard to navigation. The owner retrieved the vessel on 04-05-06;

2:30 p.m. HP responded to a marina near the America's Cup Harbor where boat burglaries had been occurring. HP located a suspect in these burglaries and arrested him. He was transported to jail and various items that had been reported as stolen were retrieved.

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