Harbor Police Log

April 1
9 p.m. Harbor Police was called to take a theft report from a vessel in a marina off N. Harbor Drive. The victim reported about $3,000 worth of property as stolen.

April 3
11:30 p.m. The victim from April 1, reported that someone had taken property from his vessel again without his permission. Harbor Police conducted an investigation including lifting fingerprints from the scene.

April 4
11 a.m. HP discovered that a vessel owned by an out-of-town person was tied to another vessel in the A-8. The person in the A-8 was claiming "salvage rights" saying the owner had not been out to his boat in awhile. An investigation has begun regarding the incident.

2:30 p.m. HP arrested a subject for the vessel burglaries reported on April 1 and April 3. Much of the stolen property was recovered.

April 5
7 a.m. HP was called after a subject returned boxes of possible stolen property to the marina office in the above mentioned burglaries (April 1 and April 3). The property was identified as belonging to the victim.

11:55 a.m. HP found a sailing vessel adrift just outside the A-8 anchorage. They began to tow the boat when the owner made contact with police. HP towed his boat to the National City Launch Ramp and released it to him.

April 6
4:25 p.m. HP received a radio call saying a vessel was sinking in the A-8 anchorage.  HP and Coast Guard responded. Upon arrival it was discovered the vessel was completely submerged and emitting a sheen of gasoline on the water. The owner was notified and was able to raise his vessel several days later. The Coast Guard is investigating the gasoline spill in the water.

April 7
12:20 a.m. HP cited a subject for not displaying proper lights while navigating in the dark near the 24th Street Marine Terminal.

10 a.m. HP arrested a subject in relation to the vessel burglaries from April 1 and April 3 for an outstanding warrant. (He wasn't having a good week.)

4 p.m. HP dive team members conducted a security training dive at the HP long dock.

10:50 p.m. HP received a radio call to respond to the area near the US Navy Base where a vessel had capsized and two persons were in the water. The investigation revealed that the driver of the boat was operating the vessel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he collided with a buoy. 

After colliding with the buoy, the operator tried without success to start the boat. The vessel began to take on water and when a large wake came by, the vessel capsized. 

The operator was arrested for BUI and the passenger was transported to and treated at a hospital for injuries sustained from the collision. (The good news was, this wasn't the same individual who was arrested for the burglaries on April 1 and April 3.)

April 8
12:20 p.m. HP cited a subject near the Coronado Bridge for displaying improper registration numbers on his vessel and having no certificate of registration on his boat.

April 9
1 p.m. HP received a report from a subject in the A-8 Anchorage who claimed that unknown person(s) may have entered his vessel and taken clothing without his permission.

April 10
4:20 a.m. HP stored a vessel near the Shelter Island Launch Ramp that was illegally parked and displaying expired registration as of 2001.

11:40 a.m. HP contacted a person for not having a current permit in the A-8 anchorage.  The subject was cited for having no current registration on the vessel.

1:50 p.m. HP responded to the area of Harbor Island regarding an incidental fuel spill.

April 11
8:30 a.m. HP and Coast Guard responded to the area of the 24th Street Marine Terminal regarding an incidental fuel spill.

April 12
8 a.m. The HP dive team conducted a security assessment dive in Center San Diego Bay.

11 a.m. A subject reported that his kayak was stolen from his boat slip in a marina off Harbor Drive.

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