San Diego Harbor Log

(Congratulations to A-8 for having no negative impact on Port revenues this week. Sorry, South Bay.)


11:20 a.m. A vessel fire was reported off Harbor Island. Two persons were onboard the underway vessel. Harbor Police responded, but no fire was found. The vessel was towed to Shelter Island by Vessel Assist.

6 p.m. A male and a female were reportedly trespassing on a moored vessel in the A-3 Anchorage. Harbor Police detained and issued a citation to the male subject, who had told the female subject that the boat was his. (We'll let you draw your own conclusions here.)

7:55 p.m. Harbor Police took a report of a non-injury collision near the Shelter Island Launch Ramp.

9:02 p.m. Coast Guard requested assistance from Harbor Police regarding a vessel possibly being operated by an intoxicated person. Harbor Police made contact with a person operating the vessel in question. After completing Field Sobriety Tests, Harbor Police determined that the operator was not intoxicated.


4:30 p.m. Harbor Police took a report of a vandalism to a vessel on Shelter Island.


5:22 a.m. Harbor Police responded to a fire on Broadway Pier. The fire was extinguished and the extent of damage will be assessed.


1:10 a.m. Harbor Police observed a vessel being operated without the proper lighting. The operator was cited.

2 p.m. A dinghy with an attached motor was stolen from the Shelter Island dinghy landing. It was valued at over $2500.00.


6:15 p.m. A male subject fell out of his dinghy in the America's Cup Harbor. Paramedics responded and evaluated the subject who refused to be transported to the hospital.


4:20 p.m. Harbor Police and SDFD responded to a fully engulfed fire in the A-2 Anchorage. The cause of the fire is being investigated.

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