Knox Boxes

On March 29, Chief Kirk Sanfilippo of the San Diego Harbor Police addressed the Marine Recreation Committee of the S.D. Port Tenants Assn. and requested help in disseminating information on the need to install Knox Boxes on all entrances to marinas, yacht clubs and boat yards in the harbor area.

All impacted businesses are asked to install these Knox Boxes within the next three months.

If you have any questions regarding this request, please contact Senior Officer Don Bick at one of the following numbers:

Senior Officer Don Brick
Fire Training Coordinator
San Diego Harbor Police
3380 N. Harbor Drive
San Diego CA. 92101
Office:    (619) 686-6538
Cellular:  (619) 980-1422

General Information

  • KNOX Company manufactures a system that is utilized nationwide by Fire Departments and Police Departments to access businesses that are closed via a small-keyed box that an Officer can open to access a key to the business. These boxes are generally located next to a locked door or gate. The key to the KNOX boxes are retained by HPD Officers, and are used to access the marinas during Police and Fire related calls for service.
  • San Diego Fire Department has KNOX boxes on some marinas, however SDFD is not willing to allow HPD access to their keys because of liability issues.
  • There are many types of Police and Fire related calls for service that HPD responds to where Officers are left waiting outside a locked marina gate. In these instances the Officer Must have dispatch call a security guard, attempt to locate a marina manager, or ask a tenant to grant them access to the marina.

KNOX Box information

  • Model # 3201 Surface mounted box $189.00
  • Model # 3220 Flush mounted box $229.00
  • Measurements 4"x5"x3"
  • Shipping (approximately) $17.00
  • No key will be shipped with order. See HPD for issuing of key
  • A KNOX box will be required for all locked gates. A KNOX box will be required for both sides of the gate if locked in both directions
  • Marina is responsible for installation of KNOX box
  • Installation is requested within a 3 month period

Ordering Information

  • Order online at
  • Call 1-800-552-5669
  • Use zip code 92101 and San Diego Harbor Police when placing an order
  • An account is already set up for purchases
  • Only approved KNOX boxes may be used