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Tybee Heads Christmas Parade

Dec, 2003 The Log
by Jim Kelly

Tybee leads Parade of LightsPirate ships and Santa sleds bobbed madly in the water as they followed the Tybee past cheering crowds on Shelter Island and Harbor Island, setting an eastern course by the Star of India.

In the darkness and drizzle, some in the crowds might have missed what looked like two Ralph Lauren models in Coast Guard uniforms standing on the flying bridge. The models smiled and waved to cheering watchers onshore, but they also seemed to be piloting the ship.

And that's exactly what they were doing. The ladies in charge were the commanding officer and the executive officer of the ship.

Lt. Dawn Black, the CO, assumed her command of the Tybee in June 2003. A native of Montrose, Colo., Black is the only person she knows of who has entered the Coast Guard from her little town nestled in the foothills on the western slope of the Rocky more

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