From Laura Tosatto of the Harbor Police

We just wanted to thank the Port Tenants Association for their support of the Harbor Police in the recent Baker to Vegas relay race. 

We participated in the relay on Saturday and Sunday (1st and 2nd of April) and we placed 7th in our division out of 14 teams. 

This was good enough to earn us all a beautiful mug and I believe we are going to present the Port Tenants Association with a mug, as well.

The 2006 Challenge Cup Relay went very well for the Harbor Police. It was our ninth year running out there. 

There were about 220 other teams racing this year and teams come from all over California, and from several states around the country. 

International teams from Canada, Britain, and Australia also competed this year. 

We sent a team of 23 Harbor Police officers to run, accompanied by a support team of an additional 15 officers and civilians. Our Chief, Kirk Sanfilippo, joined the competition this year, and ran the final stage for us.  

We ran in the "150 Division" (departments having a maximum of 150 sworn officers).  Most other departments have more officers than that so they run in different categories.

We coordinated our team from a command post (one of our officers towed his "5th wheel" out there) set up in an RV park south of Las Vegas. 

Started at 3:45 on Saturday afternoon, we finished about 8:55 on Sunday morning.  It was pretty cold in the mountains, but the weather was generally good. 

Our time for the 120-mile, 20-leg relay was 17:10:46. There were 14 teams in our division this year, and we finished 7th.

We enjoyed the support of many businesses, organizations, and individuals around Tidelands and San Diego. 

Some of these include the Marriott Hotels, Avis Rental Car, San Diego Zoo, Commissioner Cushman, Cohn Restaurants, Fire Etc Equipment, and numerous members of the Port Tenants Association. 

I have to say that this has been one of our most successful Relays.

Thank you, San Diego Port Tenants!

The Harbor Police