How much do you pay for rent san diego?

These rates have increased slightly year after year. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System provides bus and trolley services throughout San Diego County, including a dedicated line to the University of California, San Diego. On the upside, the effective average property tax rate in San Diego is only 0.76%, which is below the national average of 1.1%. If you plan to attend school at San Diego State University, near La Mesa and the University Area, or work at the naval base or downtown San Diego, consider looking for a roommate to help reduce rental costs.

Overall, goods and services in San Diego cost 10.1 percent more than the national average, a slight drop of less than one percent from last year. If you've already saved a deposit to buy a home in San Diego, the next step is to contact a local, full-service real estate agent. The average size of an apartment in San Diego, CA is 875 square feet, but this number varies greatly by unit type, with cheap and luxurious alternatives for homes and apartments alike. Obviously, if you spend a lot of time eating in fancy restaurants and visiting trendy bars, you'll need a higher salary to live in San Diego than someone who lives a more frugal lifestyle.

With its idyllic beaches, family reputation, and mild, sunny weather, it should come as no surprise that San Diego is quite a popular destination for prospective homeowners. Overall, you'll pay approximately 64% more for health care when you live in San Diego than elsewhere in the United States, making San Diego one of the most expensive places for healthcare costs. When it comes time to file taxes, San Diego residents should consider a statewide base sales tax rate of 7.25%, in addition to their marginal federal income tax rate. However, as in any city, the cost of living in San Diego will vary greatly depending on your lifestyle and housing circumstances.

Keep reading to find out how San Diego compares to other expensive cities and if your current salary will be enough to live a comfortable life in “America's Best City.” To help jumpstart the research process, we have developed the following guide to housing and living costs in San Diego. San Diego has so many wonderful restaurants and bars to enjoy that you'll want to save some money for dining out.

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