How much do you pay for rent san diego?

These rates have increased slightly from year to year. Keep reading to find out how San Diego compares to other expensive cities and if your current salary will be enough to live a comfortable life in “America's Best City.” In addition, school holidays bring many families to San Diego's beaches and major attractions, adding additional traffic to highways. Health care is a major concern for most people, and in San Diego, you can expect to pay slightly more in this category, approximately 7.2 percent above the national average. The average apartment size in San Diego, California, is 875 square feet, but this number varies greatly depending on the type of unit, with cheap and luxury alternatives for both homes and apartments.

Depending on where you live in the San Diego area, you'll also need to calculate transportation costs if you have to go to work or school. To give you a better idea of how much of this salary you'll need to spend on specific living expenses, we've put together the following guide to living costs in San Diego (which also gives you an idea of the cost of living in California). Overall, you'll pay approximately 64% more for health care when you live in San Diego than in other parts of the United States, making San Diego one of the most expensive places in terms of health care costs. Because of its beautiful climate and strong economic growth, San Diego has seen a massive influx of people moving to the area, contributing to San Diego's higher than average cost of living.

San Diego has many diverse neighborhoods, such as Julian in the Cuyamaca Mountains, exclusive La Jolla on the north coast of the Pacific Ocean, and modern beach areas such as Pacific Beach. One of the many luxuries of life in San Diego is that the highways are much quieter than those in Los Angeles. Traffic can be heavy in San Diego, especially on the several major highways that residents use to get to and from work. From the freshest seafood to the signature craft cocktails, you'll want to go out from time to time to enjoy San Diego's food scene.

For those who choose to stop driving altogether, San Diego offers an accessible public transportation system. Renting an off-campus apartment can be a great way to save money on your budget and, at the same time, have the freedom to live in your own space. Because San Diego has a fairly mild temperature, your heating bills rarely change over the seasons, meaning your utility bills remain fairly consistent.

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