Why is san diego so expensive to rent?

There is a limited supply of land. The city is located on a peninsula, so there isn't much room for expansion. San Diego enjoys sunny weather all year round, making it a popular tourist destination. This increases demand for housing and drives up prices.

Overall, San Diego's cost of living index is 160.4 instead of 176.2 in Los Angeles. Housing is more expensive in Los Angeles (298.2 there than 279.1 here). Transportation has always been a huge problem in the north, and the cost-of-living index reflects this (165.3 in Los Angeles versus 120.2 in San Diego). We must pay a little more for food and food (109.7 in San Diego and 104.1 in Los Angeles).

All in all, Los Angeles is 9.9% more expensive than San Diego. We want to answer your questions and rest assured about buying a home in the San Diego area. This week Keatts documented the difficult decision made by tens of thousands of San Diegans to move out of the county and return to work. The importance of having professionals like us is that you can save thousands of dollars over the life of a mortgage if it's right for you.

When I arrived in San Diego 56 years ago, residents seemed frugal, and few drove modern cars and had stylish TVs and other appliances. The cost of buying a single-family home in San Diego is beyond Pam Anderson's reach, but renting one isn't easy either. At the same time, San Diego County saw 3 percent of homes sold to investors, a 30 percent drop in one year. The last big year for single-family home construction in San Diego County was 2004, during the housing boom, when 9,555 were built, the Southern California Real Estate Research Council said.

These comparisons mean that while moving to Chula Vista will be a little more expensive, it's not ruled out. The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System provides transportation for the Northeast, Southeast, South and Central parts of San Diego County. Brown says that even with the increase in rent across San Diego County, some units receive 50 offers on the first day. Tricon does not have any rentals available in San Diego and does not own any property in the region, according to property records.

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